LEWA – an international group

As a globally leading manufacturer of diaphragm metering and process diaphragm pumps as well as complete metering systems for process technology, we can provide our customers with 60 years of accumulated experience.

As a researching and producing company we developed groundbreaking technologies for the industry. We prove that day by day and create solutions for the various applications of our customers.

Customers do not only benefit from our wide portfolio of pumps and systems but also complementary products of renowned corporate partners.

Information about the LEWA Group

Creating Fluid Solutions

We offer industry-specific complete solutions from a single source and with the highest quality. 

We support our customers even in the design phase of system engineering, creating solutions 
for the economical and reliable handling of fluids.

Reliable. All around the world.

Reliable Global

LEWA pumps and systems are made for the best possible performance in harsh conditions. Whether offshore or in hot deserts ─ with LEWA, you will receive not only top products but also top service. We use our many years of experience in international project management to handle global projects reliably and offer comprehensive services throughout the entire life cycle.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility 

Taking social responsibility – this is what we at LEWA stand for. The LEWA group attaches great importance to an enduring corporate culture which is determined by values. These values are appreciation of our customers, integrity as a fundament and guideline of all our actions and reliability in everything we do. All LEWA employees are dedicated to these fundamentals which serve the development of a culture of collaboration between employees, with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Efficient by nature

Extremely efficient.

LEWA relies on efficient and sustainable pumps with technology like the patented LEWA diaphragm technology, which enables us to provide the highest possible pump efficiency over the entire control range. In doing so, we lower lifecycle costs. LEWA pumps and systems have been supplying absolute maximum performance for decades as a result of correct maintenance and care.


  • Historic milestone 1952, Herbert Ott

    Company Foundation | 1952

    Company Foundation | 1952

    Herbert Ott and Rudolf Schestag found LEWA.

    The initials stand for LEonberger WAsseraufbereitung (Leonberg water treatment).

    The beginning is an arduous time. First deliveries are made with a motorbike, the only company vehicle. Later, they have to sell the motorbike and need to hitchhike.

  • Historic milestone 1954, rocker arm pump

    First Patent | 1954

    First Patent | 1954

    The rocker arm metering pump is registered as first patent.

    This starts a whole series of innovations. LEWA gradually evolves into an expert for all kinds of fluids.

  • Historical milestone 1955, First Achema

    First ACHEMA | 1955

    First ACHEMA | 1955

    The very first modest fair participation was a great success!

    LEWA's first participation at the processing industry trade show ACHEMA in Frankfurt. From now on LEWA exhibits its product variety every three years.

  • Historic milestone 1985, Odorizing system

    Standard Odorizing Systems | 1985

    Launch of LEWA standard Odorizing Systems | 1985

    LEWA intensively focusses gas odorization business. 

    Technical innovations and central advantages of the LEWA standard Odorizing Systems are hermetically tight pumps with metal diaphragms, the closed control loop with odorant flowmeters and the modular customer-specific designs. In more than 30 years, we have been able to design and assemble more than 5,000 Odorizing Systems at locations all over the world. LEWA is constantly developing new solutions for gas odorization and, in addition to the OD7, OD8 and OD60-1000 standard Odorizing Systems, we also offer professionally qualified consultation and customized solutions.

  • Historic milestone 2003, LEWA ecoflow

    LEWA ecoflow | 2003

    LEWA ecoflow | 2003

    LEWA presents the innovative metering diaphragm pump.

    The M900 pump head with DPS is a versatile and safe solution for handling hazardous, harmful or highly viscous fluids. Due to DPS, the pump always performs within the ideal operating range. Even adverse external influences cannot affect it.

  • Historic milestone 2004, Worlds biggest process pump

    Gigantic | 2004

    G4T – the biggest diaphragm process pump in the world | 2004

    LEWA designs and manufactures the largest process pump in the world.

    The two biggest pumps of their kind are used for CO2 reinjection at a natural gas field in Hammerfest, Norway. CO2 condensate is produced as a waste product in natural gas production. It is fed back under the ground with LEWA pumps. With this project, LEWA can not only meet customer-specific requirements, but also actively contributes to environmental protection.

  • Historic milestone 2005, DBAG

    Acquisition by DBAG | 2005

    Acquisition by DBAG | 2005

    The German private equity "Deutsche Beteiligungs-AG" acquires LEWA.

    Until then, LEWA was family-run. At the time of the acquisition, LEWA generates an annual turnover of 92 million euros. By means of targeted investment, further development of the existing corporate culture as well as the recognition and better exploitation of market potentials, LEWA's business can be boosted during DBAG's investment. Strong growth is achieved: At the time of LEWA's acquisition by the Japanese company Nikkiso in 2009, LEWA generates an annual turnover of almost 150 million euros.

  • Historic milestone 2009, LEWA intellidrive

    LEWA intellidrive | 2009

    LEWA intellidrive | 2009

    LEWA introduces the highly dynamic servomotor LEWA intellidrive.

    With the product launch of LEWA intellidrive, we are able to model pump strokes according to the requirements of the respective plant or process. Thus, the stroke adjustment (which is customary for metering pumps) can be omitted. Thanks to the continuously adjustable stroke times, new tasks with special fluid kinematics can be successfully solved with our metering pumps (highly viscous fluids, chromatography, high pressure separation, pulsation minimization).

  • Historic milestone 2009, Nikkiso

    Acquisition by Nikkiso | 2009

    Akquisition durch Nikkiso | 2009

    In 2009, the Japanese Nikkiso Group acquires LEWA.

    Nikkiso is active in the aviation and medical technology sectors, but also has a pump division and manufactures cryogenic and centrifugal canned motor pumps. LEWA and Nikkiso benefit from innovation exchange and joint development work as well as specific market accesses and expansion of the sales network. The Japanese company wants to expand in "overseas" and is committed to sustainable growth of the new LEWA-Nikkiso Group.

  • Historic milestone 2010, LEWA ecosmart

    LEWA ecosmart | 2010

    LEWA ecosmart | 2010

    LEWA launches new diaphragm metering pump LEWA ecosmart.

    LEWA ecosmart is an innovative, compact and multiplexable diaphragm metering pump at a smart price. These pumps are suitable for almost every fluid and for applications in various industries. They offer highest metering accuracy and safety as well as excellent efficiency. With the introduction of LEWA ecosmart, also LEWA PumpShop goes online. In our Webshop, customers are able to configure a pump suitable for their specific applications online. In addition to a faster delivery, PumpShop customers benefit from a 20% discount.

  • Historic milestone 2012, Largest order in History

    The 40 million dollar project | 2012

    Record project – the 40 million dollar project | 2012

    In the year of our 60th anniversary, we receive our largest order so far.

    We supply 40 tailor-made offshore pump systems with a total amount of 186 pump heads to Saudi Arabia. The total order volume adds up to 40 million dollars.

  • Historic milestone 2013, Triumvirate

    Triumvirate | 2013

    Triumvirate | 2013

    LEWA-NIKKISO Group now led by a triumvirate.

    Naota Shikano succeeding Bernd Stütz is now sharing responsibility for the pump and systems business of the entire group with Stefan Glasmeyer, who is responsible for Sales, and with Dr. Martin Fiedler, who is head of the Operations Division.

  • Historic milestone 2014, LEWA triplex G3M

    LEWA triplex G3M | 2014

    LEWA triplex G3M | 2014

    LEWA introduces the new triplex process diaphragm pump G3M.

    The new pump is very efficient thanks to its compact monoblock design and the engine concept with a single-piece crankshaft. Compared to previous solutions, up to 30 percent of footprint and weight can be saved. This makes the G3M particularly suitable for applications in which space and weight play a decisive role, such as on offshore platforms.

  • Historic milestone 2015, LEWA CIP

    Largest CIP | 2015

    Another record-breaking project – largest Chemical Injection Package | 2015

    In 2015, we completed our largest package so far.

    The LEWA Chemical Injection Package is used on a Brazilian Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit (FPSO). It weighs 715 tons and measures 21.3 x 21 x 11 meters. The ambitious project presented great challenges for our engineers. The LEWA giant was realized in more than 7,500 engineering hours. 40 diaphragm pumps, 40 IRCDs, 18 storage tanks as well as more than 3,000 instruments, valves and more than 3,500 meters of piping and tubing were installed.


    New Industrial Division | 2016

    New Industrial Division | 2016

    In 2016, the LEWA-Nikkiso Industrial Division is formed – led by a new management team.

    Peter Wagner, as CEO, is sharing responsibility with Dr. Martin Fiedler, who is head of the Operations Division, with Hisanao Amino, as Chief Financial Officer and with Stefan Glasmeyer, who is responsible for sales. The team leads the whole pump and system business of the entire LEWA-NIKKISO Group.  LEWA-Nikkiso Industrial Division is led from LEWA headquarters in Leonberg.

  • Historic Milestone 2016, Expansion

    Expansion | 2016

    Expansion | 2016

    New workshops are built at LEWA headquarters in Leonberg.

    The construction of a new factory building, including high-bay storage and adjacent offices, will facilitate a transition to continuous-flow manufacturing resulting in increased production capacity.

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Facts and figures

Holding company: Nikkiso Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Headquarters: LEWA, Leonberg (Region Stuttgart), Germany

Management: Dr.-Ing. Martin Fiedler, Stefan Glasmeyer.

Company foundation: 1952

Subsidiaries: 14 worldwide
Distributors and sales: in more than 80 countries

Employees: 1,200 worldwide
Turnover (2018): 237 million euros approx.

Germany - LEWA GmbH
Company executives Dr.-Ing. Martin Fiedler, Stefan Glasmeyer.
Headquarters Leonberg
Foundation 1952
Employees 600
USA - LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc.
Managing director Peter Castellanos
Registered office Holliston (MA)
Foundation 1968
Website www.lewa-inc.com
South Korea - LEWA-Nikkiso Korea Co., Ltd
Managing director Son Won Shik
Registered office Seoul, South Korea
Foundation 2016
Website www.lewa-nikkiso.kr
Austria - LEWA NIKKISO Austria GmbH
Managing director Johann Steinböck
Registered office Vienna
Foundation 1968
Website www.lewa.at
Switzerland - LEWA NIKKISO Switzerland AG
Management Pietro Pettoruto
Registered office Reinach
Foundation 1976
Website www.lewa-pumpen.ch
France - LEWA NIKKISO France SAS
Managing director Philippe Wouters
Registered office Neuville-sur-Oise
Foundation 1983
Website www.lewa.fr
Italy - LEWA NIKKISO Italy S.r.l.
Managing director Daniel Pellicano
Registered office Passirana di Rho (MI)
Foundation 1992
Website www.lewa.it
Singapore - LEWA-Nikkiso Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Managing director Daniel Wong
Registered office Singapore
Foundation 1995
Website www.lewa-nikkiso.sg
Brazil - LEWA Nikkiso Brasil Equipamentos Ltda.
Managing director Vanessa Dessimoni
Registered office Diadema (SP)
Foundation 1998
Website www.lewa.com.br
China - LEWA NIKKISO (Dalian) Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.
Managing director Dr. Harry Wang
Registered office Dalian
Foundation 2001
Website www.lewa.cn
Spain - LEWA NIKKISO Spain S.L.
Managing director Daniel Pellicano
Registered office Barcelona
Foundation 2004
Website www.lewa.es
United Arabian Emirates - LEWA-Nikkiso Middle East FZE
Managing director Sylvain Latuilerie
Registered office Dubai (V.A.E)
Foundation 2011
Website www.lewa.ae