Pumps and packages for the oil and gas industries

LEWA has been your expert when it comes to pumps and packages for crude oil and natural gas production for more than 60 years. With us, you get everything from a single source: Our custom-built packages are used all around the world for offshore and onshore production.

From China to the United Arab Emirates, strong partners rely on our expertise for crude oil and natural gas exploration applications.

Oil and gas industries
Used offshore and onshore all over the world

Customers across the globe put their trust in our products in the oil and gas production industry. From antifouling agents through to wax inhibitors – with our pumps and custom packages, you know you are using chemicals safely.

Of course, our pumps also meter corrosion inhibitors, oxygen binders, and other toxic and corrosive substances without a problem and guarantee absolute process safety.

What is more, LEWA offers reliable solutions for high-pressure injection and sealless crude oil and natural gas production. Our systems can cope with the harshest environments: Whether in cold Siberia, the hot Arabian Desert, or on the rough sea – with LEWA products, you're guaranteed efficient and fail-safe processes.

Areas of Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

Whether for the conveyance or further treatment of raw materials – LEWA products and systems offer solutions for all processes in oil and gas production.

Product applicationsChemicalsPurpose
Treating oil, gas, and waterFoam inhibitorsReduce foam to ensure maximum flow rate
Asphalt inhibitors, antifouling agentsPrevent asphalt formation
BiocidesMinimize the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
Calcium nitratesPrevent the formation of dissolved sulfides and H2S
Corrosion inhibitorsReduce corrosion in pipelines
Demulsifiers, emulsion breakersSplit stable oil-water emulsions
Oil separators/flocculantsSeparate oil and production water
Friction reducers, flow rate improversReduce friction losses in pipelines
H2S bindersPrevent corrosion by hydrogen sulfide
Hypochlorites Prevent the growth of organisms
Hydrate inhibitors with low density/LDHIHydrate inhibitors with low metering rate
Oxygen bindersRemove residual oxygen
Paraffin inhibitorsPrevent paraffin formation
PH control agentsReduce glycol decomposition
PolyelectrolytesFilter aids
Crust inhibitors, crust reducersPrevent process equipment crusting
Clarifiers for waterRemove oil particles in production water
Wax inhibitorsPrevent wax formation
Solar-powered systems for injecting chemicalsCorrosion inhibitors, methanol Inject chemicals in remote and unmanned production sites or pipelines
Gas-powered systems for injecting chemicalsCorrosion inhibitors, methanolInject chemicals without emitting (acid) gas in remote or unmanned production sites or pipelines
High-pressure injectionCarbon dioxide CO2Injection underground
Hydrogen sulfide H2SInjection underground
Methanol/ethanolPrevents the formation of hydrate in gas production sites
Glycol (MEG/TEG)Gas dehydration
Sealless conveyingCondensate Leak-free pumping of separated product with low feed pressure (high vapor pressure)

Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Count on an experienced supplier – LEWA! Our qualified equipment for natural gas production allows us to comply with all requirements in the oil and gas industry. We offer EPC companies, operators, and end customers our complete portfolio of high-end diaphragm and plunger pumps.

When developing pumps for extracting crude oil and natural gas, we take industry standards as well as your requirements and circumstances into consideration. High pressures, hermetically sealed units, and extreme safety in a compact design are a matter of course for LEWA. We offer you a safe tool for natural gas production in the form of our pump head, for example, which features a PTFE diaphragm for pressures up to 1000 bar and ensures maximum cost-efficiency!

Our many years of experience mean that we are able to offer international engineering and project expertise to assist you in all phases of your project.

LEWA process pump for the oil and gas industry

Advantages at a Glance

High end pumps, equipment and systems

We deliver high-end pumps integrated into complete systems and units for your specific applications. In doing so, we of course rely on the tried-and-tested LEWA quality.

Complete documentation

Receive supporting documents and certificates, including the operating instructions, as well as design and test details in different languages.

Global commissioning

With our global service network, we take your equipment into operation and provide technical service directly at your location - both onshore and offshore.

International standards

LEWA is ISO 9001 certified. Pumps, systems and units are compliant with all major international standards such as, API, ASME, TÜV and many more.

Calculation of fluid dynamics

When designing pumps and systems, we rely on computer-based calculations of the fluid dynamics in the pipelines and on appropriate integration of pulsation dampers.

Tests according to your specifications

Before starting up the system, we conduct well-documented test runs according to relevant international standards or to your specifications.

Flexible design

You can rely on over 60 years of experience in the design of pumps, systems and units: During the project phase, we respond flexibly to design changes or adjustments required.

Spare parts information in your language

You will get all available information about spare parts (including subcontractors) in your preferred language. Our spare parts service functions quickly and smoothly.

Certified welders

Highest quality and professionally trained staff: Welding jobs are performed by certified welders. On request, we install your system directly at your site.



LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump

The ecoflow® diaphragm metering pump from LEWA is a true all-around talent in the field of metering and mixing and can be used in all industries.

LEWA ecoflow packed plunger metering pump

LEWA ecoflow packed plunger metering pump

The LEWA ecoflow® packed plunger metering pump is the high-performance and economical metering pump for simple pumping or metering tasks.

LEWA ecosmart

LEWA ecosmart the smart metering pump

The LEWA ecosmart® diaphragm metering pump is the inexpensive metering pump for various applications and can be ordered quickly and conveniently through the online store.

LEWA M micro-metering pump

LEWA micrometering pump M

The LEWA M series micro-metering pumps are particularly suited to the smallest of flow rates for applications in chemistry, oil and gas or gas odorization.

LEWA FC laboratory pump

LEWA micrometering pump FC

The smallest flow rates and precise metering make LEWA micro-metering pumps of the FC series the first choice for laboratory pumps.

LEWA ecoflow process diaphragm pump

LEWA high pressure pump for process engineering

The LEWA ecoflow process diaphragm pump is the top performer among innovative and universal process pumps for high-pressure process technology.

LEWA triplex process pump

LEWA triplex high pressure pump for process engineering

LEWA triplex is the most compact process pump in the world for high-pressure processes in all branches of industry. Contact us, we are happy to help!

LEWA high-pressure plunger pumps

LEWA Plungerpump

LEWA is your pump expert in all things relating to high-pressure plunger pumps. We will help you find the right pump to use in the high-pressure range!


Sundyne Marelli Plungerpump

Sundyne-Marelli horizontal and vertical process pumps to ISO-13709, API-610.

Nikkiso cryogenic pump

Nikkiso cryogenic pump

The NIKKISO cryogenic pump is ideal for transporting LPG and LNG. Ask our experts for more information!

Nikkiso centrifugal canned motor pump

Nikkiso canned motor pump

The NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump is perfectly suited for transfer and circulation tasks in the chemical industry. We are happy to help you make your selection.

Wilden standard pressure air pump

Wilden air operated diaphragm pump

Wilden standard compressed air pumps from the number one sales partner in Germany. We are happy to help.

Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical Injection Package

Chemical Injection Packages are injection systems for chemicals. We build packages – including the tank, piping, and accessories – according to your specifications.

LEWA Pump Skids

LEWA Pumpskid

Ready-to-operate, custom-designed pump skid units with a small-footprint design for the oil and gas production industries. Consult us!

LEWA Flow Distribution System (FDS)

LEWA Flow Distribution Systems (FDS)

Customized production units

LEWA metering and mixing system

LEWA develops complete systems for metering, mixing, and filling fluids. Contact us and let us advise you!

Customer-specific metering systems

LEWA metering system

LEWA provides you with custom-designed metering systems according to your specifications. Put your trust in the experience gained from 60 years of metering technology in various industries.

Geveke Nitrogen Generation Package

Geveke Nitrogen Generation Package

Nitrogen Generation Package as a complete plant for the production of nitrogen for processes in the oil and gas production.

Howden Burton Corblin

Howden Compressors

Howden Burton Corblin compressors are designed for long runtimes in continuous operation. We are happy to assist you in selecting the suitable pump for your application.

Chemineer Mixing technology

Chemineer agitators

Chemineer agitators cover a wide range of products. From turbine agitators to impellers, these agitators can be used in almost any process that requires liquid or gas agitation.


  • Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate

    Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate

    Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate

    The customer’s challenge: Hydrocarbon condensate is a waste product during the production of natural gas. For the disposal hermetically tight process diaphragm pumps are required

    LEWA’s scope of delivery: Pump

    Delivery in detail: 2 LEWA triplex process diaphragm pumps, type LDE3 mounted on a base frame with roof

    LEWA main product/s: Custom-designed skid & package

    FluidPressure in barFlowrate in l/h
    Hydrocarbon condensate992,000
    Onshore / Oil & GasGas production, Onshore
  • Injection of scale inhibitor

    Injection of scale inhibitor

    Injection of scale inhibitor

    The customer’s challenge: For the injection of scale inhibitor a compact injection package for offshore service is required

    LEWA’s scope of delivery: Package

    Delivery in detail: Compact LEWA Chemical Injection pump skid with LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump, type LDB and interconnecting tubing

    LEWA main product/s:
    LEWA Chemical Injection Package (CIP)
    LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump

    FluidPressure in barFlowrate in l/h
    Scale inhibitor606
    Offshore / Oil & GasOil production, Offshore
  • Methanol injection

    Methanol injection

    Methanol injection

    The customer’s challenge: For FPSO operation in arctic conditions a package for the injection of methanol shall be installed in a minimum available space

    LEWA’s scope of delivery: Package

    Delivery in detail: LEWA triplex process diaphragm pump, type G3G, G3S and GS

    LEWA main product/s: LEWA triplex process diaphragm pump

    FluidPressure in barFlow rate in l/h
    Offshore floater / Oil & GasOil production, Offshore floater
  • Disposal of Condensate

    Disposal of Condensate

    Disposal of Condensate

    The customer’s challenge: Condensate is a waste product during the production of natural gas. For the disposal hermetically tight process diaphragm pumps are required

    LEWA’s scope of delivery: Skid

    Delivery in detail: Sealless LEWA triplex process diaphragm pump, type G3F with magnetic driven booster pump in Alloy 625

    LEWA main product/s: LEWA triplex process diaphragm pump

    FluidPressure in barFlowrate in l/h
    Offshore / Oil & GasGas production, Offshore

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