Technical consulting

Consultation and involvement of our customers are very important to LEWA: We take the time for you to analyze jointly the requirements of your pump or system and to discuss different approaches, so that in the end, you are completely satisfied with your LEWA product. We also evaluate fluids, calculate your entire system and if necessary conduct acoustical simulations of complex systems.

Synchronization for pulsation reduction

Technical Consulting
Pulsation simulation

In particular for reciprocating positive displacement pumps it is important to ensure proper interaction with the system and pipes connected to it. Based on the system’s complexity, kinematics, number of cylinders as well as the stroke frequency and the fluid’s characteristics we examine your installation via Pulsation analyses and piping and installation calculation.

We conduct analytical studies with the software PumpDesign. The study provides information about: 

  • Volumetric efficiency
  • Inlet pressure loss
  • Minimum pressure at suction flange
  • Pressure loss and pressure pulsation in pipelines
  • Cavitation and overload
  • Resonance at critical speed

Creating fluid solutions

Fluid evaluation

As the world’s only pump manufacturer we also conduct numerical simulations and can check if API 674 criteria are met. Without having to consult external institutions, you receive detailed information about dynamic processes in piping systems (e.g.: parallel operation of pumps) and pressure amplitudes.

The analysis is used to optimize pulsation dampening and piping layout. Through exact calculations we prevent common problems like cavitation, vibration and fatigue damage of pipes and components

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